"Ruger LC9s"

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Ruger has announced another pistol, right on the heels of the SR9E announcement. 

"Tennessee Arms Polymer AR-15 Lower"

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Polymer Perfection, for the AR-15?

Modern day shooters, perhaps more than anybody, are intimately familiar with that fact that you typically get what you pay for. So, as soon as the first “alternative material” lower receivers came out on the market, it’s understandable that most knowledgeable gun owners were skeptical. And not surprisingly, those fears proved to be justified. Stripped threads, broken receivers and out of spec, warped dimensions were (and still are, in some cases) common. But, thanks to Tennessee Arms, it doesn’t have to be that way.

"Open Carry Texas says Please Stop"

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Open Carry Texas has evidently changed its tune to be more in line with mainstream gun owners and The Gun Show Podcast.

"UPDATED - Target - No More Guns - 07-08-14"

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Target's interim CEO John Mulligan released a statement today that appears to target gun advocates.

"The leadership team has been weighing a complex issue, and I want to be sure everyone understands our thoughts and ultimate decision.

"Ruger Announces the 9E"

Written by Scott Fuller on . Posted in Blog

Ruger recently announced a more affordable version of the Venerable SR series handgun.

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