"SHOT 2015 Magpul Preview"

Written by Scott Fuller on . Posted in Blog

Magpul has been very busy this pre-SHOT Show period. They have announced an AR-15 drum magazine, a Remington 700 stock (with AICS PMAGS) and the latest is AK furniture.

Magpul announced a 60 round magazine for the AR-15 that is reportedly shorter than their ubiquitous PMAG30 polymer magazine. Polymer contraction keeps it light and a loading lever helps to stuff the drum full of ammo. Pricing is around the $130 mark.

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"Merry Christmas from The Gun Show Podcast"

Written by Scott Fuller on . Posted in Blog

"California on Guns: You Are Doing it Wrong"

Written by Martin Davis on . Posted in Blog

Proposition 47 just passed in Sacramento California. So if you steal a gun in most cases it is nothing more than a citable misdemeanor. Here, please show up to court on this date…

"Mil-Spec for Everyman: The B5 Enhanced SOPMOD Buttstock"

Written by Kip Staton on . Posted in Blog

Out of the nearly limitless ways to customize the AR-15, changing out the buttstock is one of the easiest and most basic ways to enhance the performance of your carbine. As long as you stick with a stock model that matches up to your particular receiver extension pattern, installation can usually be accomplished in just minutes, by even the most ham-fisted of home gunsmiths.

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