NEW! Ruger American Handgun

Written by Scott Fuller on . Posted in Blog

I stumbled across a brand new Ruger that has not been announced while perusing my local Facebook gun sales group. A local FFL Dealer posted these pics of the Ruger American Handgun!

Enough Gun for a Terrorist Attack

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Do you carry a tiny pocket rocket or a single stack blaster with no reload? Maybe you should rethink this strategy. Rule Number One of gunfighting is still, and always will be, “Have a gun”, but perhaps one should prepare for more than the average. The old rule of 7 is not universal.

"Deal Alert: BFG VCAS Sling"

Written by Scott Fuller on . Posted in Blog

Our favorite sling is easily the Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Action Sling. Right now BFG is sending one for free to whomever you deem worthy of such greatness if you purchase one. This offer is only in Wolf Gray and only with the Zytel slider. If you want to be the best gun-gift giver ever, check it out

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