"Pistol Caliber Carbine"

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I want to like pistol caliber rifles, I really do.

There is not gun more fun to shoot than an HK MP5 9mm. The Swedish K and the Thompson submachine gun are just a freaking hoot to shoot. The UMP and the 9mm AR-15 are a blast. The CX4 and the Uzi call to me on some odd visceral level. For range day fun only a .22 can compare to the 9mm carbine when it comes to a ratio of dollars to grins.

all the ammo


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Prepper. Is that really a projarative?


I stumbled across this little gem on a website I won’t dignify with a link. This post claims the prepper “rightly fingers conspiracy theorists and anti-government nut-jobs who are strangely looking forward to a biblical End of Days to descend they can break out their toys and supplies to fight the resulting looting-spree / civil-war / zombie-apocalypse.” 

"Magazine (Feed Me)"

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In a semi-auto (or full auto) firearm they are the most critical single point of failure, outside ammunition. Of course most guns can fire without a mag or with a bad magazine, but that can make for a nightmare scenario if we are talking about your defensive or carry firearm.


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As Ethan would say it, “Get that s*!t off my rifle!”

What do we really need on our fighting rifle? What is extraneous? What is just “nice to have”? Are some of us falling victim to the neat-o factor of the newest tactical and tacticool stuff?

"Thoughts on Gun Control"

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Gun control just does not hold up to scrutiny, intellectual or emotional. Any advocate for gun control must dismiss history and human behavior to come to the conclusion that private ownership of firearms is bad for society.

I believe in the truth that, as a general rule, normal well-adjusted people do not shoot other folks. Or themselves.

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