"Firearms Background Checks are a Farce"

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I was reading along and I realized something. None of the “firearms safety” laws in this country have really affected crime. It is for certain none of the gun-control laws passed in my time have done any good. In fact, I say that the Brady background check laws are useless and only serves as an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.

Crime Gun Sources

"The Source of The Problem: Crime Guns"

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A "study" has found that Chicago area criminals do not get their guns legally. We all knew this stuff already. Criminals do not prowl gun-shows looking for loop-holes. Nor do criminals join FaceBook gun trader groups looking to get their next heater. The gun-grabbers simpletons keep focusing on things that have little to no relevance to criminal activity.



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Lights. This time we are talking about flashlights. Everybody needs a flashlight or three or six. I carry a solid light everyday and I must confess that I now find having a light at hand as handy as my knife. Maybe even more so. Even if you don't EDC a light, you need one for your nightstand and in your glove box or trunk for when the power goes out.

"Vox is Wrong About Gun Control"

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I saw this hit piece at by German Lopez.
I am tired of this nonsense. Fellow blogger Kip entreated me to fisk this particular idiocy. So I took him up on his challenge.

"Treat Guns like Cars"

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I hear it all the freaking time. It is a talking point from the small-minded. I even saw it in my book of face feed today. “Cars are licensed and regulated!” they claim, “Why do we not treat guns the same?”

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