SurefireXC1 on GLOCK 19 at SHOT 2015

"SureFire XC1 Handgun Light Now Shipping"

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The SureFire XC1 pistol light we saw at SHOT this year is now shipping. The XC1 Is rated at 200 lumens and is the perfect sized weaponslight for a GLOCK 19. The MSRP is a bit on the high side at $300, but vendors are asking closer to $275 for it now. Is SureFire reliability and performance of the XC1 enough to overcome the price point? Only time will tell.

"SilencerCo Maxim 9"

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I was just chatting about this the other day at work. Why has anyone not made an integrally suppressed combat/duty handgun?
Well now they have, the Silencerco Maxim 9. Obviously based on the S&W M&P the Maxim 9 claims to be holsterable and hearing safe with factory ammo.

I bet it will be very expensive.
I still want one.

"Why The Place Where Great Britain Used to Be Sucks"

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It always seems as though the gun-grabbers and other useful idiots want to tout the UK as some sort of gun-free utopia where the lack of civilian owned firearms have lead to peace and prosperity for all Britons.
Surprise, it is not.

"Prepping for The Real World"

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Fire Preparedness

I am a pragmatist. You can tell by my take on Prepping. I advocate prepping in case of power outages, ammo shortages, and other disasters. These disasters we can all get a grasp on, and most folks that prep, prep for these situations. According to the American Red Cross “The biggest disaster threats to American families aren’t floods, hurricanes or tornadoes – home fires are.” You need to ask yourself if you are preparing your family for the most likely scenario, or are you prepping for something esoteric like the zombie apocalypse or nuclear war?

SHOT 2016 Banner

"Announcing SHOT Show 2016"

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SHOT Show, the NSSF’s Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show, will be January 18th to 22nd 2016. Evidently this is the same time as every other convention in Las Vegas so hotels are filling up very, very quickly. If you plan to go, get your reservation now!

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