Mitch Rossell - A Soldier's Memoir

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When you shoot a music video a lot of hard work goes into it. Resources are pulled together and it's great to find some people take the time to make it right. A lot of time we watch music videos or TV shows that use actors to portay military and police officers. Mitch Rossell's new song A Soldier's Memoir features real SF guys, filmed with live fire at DARC (Direct Action Resource Center) in Little Rock, AR. They also contacted some of the big guys in the firearms and accessories world. Spike's Tactical came out and brought some toys that are featured in the video. TNVC (Tactical Night Vision Company) came out and provided technical support and the optics for the night vision portions.

Be sure to watch the video above and for more information watch the behind the scenes video below.

Song written by: Mitch Rossell & Joe Bachman

Produced by Mitch Rossell

Mixed by Drew Bollman

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