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The Magpul MOE Hand Guard for the AR-15 is a no brainer. If you are not installing a freefloat tube, and you don't need 1,000 feet of Picatinny rail for AN/PEQ-2s or Surefire RAIDs and such, then the Magpul MOE is quite possibly the perfect handguard for the AR rifle.

Made of reinforced, heat-resistant polymer the MOE hand Guard is heavy duty and a bit on the portly side at 8.74 oz for the Mid-length version.  Compare the factory middy handguards at 5.9 oz and the Troy Alpha 9” freefloat handguard at 8.6 oz. The MOE is slotted strategically for all manner of Magpul and aftermarket accessories, mounts and rails, making it the perfect alternative to a railed handguard for mounting lights, lasers, vertical foregrips and sling attachment points. The sheer number of neat little thingys for the MOE handguards is daunting. I have settled on the Magpul MOE Scout Mount, the Magpul MVG and the Magpul MSA on my BCM rifle. The MOE handguards are easy to install. They may actually be easier to install than the regular handguards. As a bonus the MOE will work with either triangular or round handguard caps in case you have the wrong ones on your rifle. The MOE is compatible with many piston systems and will clear a low profile gas block for those who want a Dissipator style setup.

The Magpul MOE Hand Guard is affordable. The MSRP runs from $29.95 to $39.95 but street prices are a bit lower. You would have to cough up over three times that money for a decent rail system. Even with all the stuff I have hung off my MOE Hand Guards I am in it for less than $100.
And if you do not like where Magpul put the factory slots and holes you can make your own. The internets is filled with folks that have modified the MOE Hand Guards for different sling and light mounts. I myself did not like the limits of the Magpul MSA mounting options on the MOE and I drilled new holes to place the MSA sling mount further back toward the receiver where I prefer it.

The only downsides to the Magpul MOE Hand Guard are the weight and the fact that they are not freefloat. These days super-lightweight free float forends are easy to find, but they do cost a pretty penny.  As it is not a freefloat system, having the MOE precludes the use of a bipod if you are running a red dot or magnified optic.

There is no reason not to give the Magpul MOE Hand Guards a try if you have an AR-15 that has no need for a free float forend system.


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