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I love lights on guns. My credo is: Pistols, rifles and shotguns, if they stand any chance of being used defensibly,  should have a light mounted on them. Period.

Any handgun I own with a rail has a light on it. (I told you I love lights on guns.) I have even added an accessory rail to my M9 to allow me to run it with a light. There are very few compromises to running a light on a pistol in my experience. Holsters can be harder to find, and one must find a way to deal with the added bulk, but these are minimal drawbacks to the added capability of a handgun equipped with a light.

In the past I have tried pistol lights mounted to my GUU 5/P and my personal AR-15s. The concept is solid but the accidental activation of these pistol lights proved problematic for anything other than a home defense carbine that stays on the wall or sits in the corner.

Putting it On

I mounted the Insight M6X Pistol to several pistols and long guns for this evaluation.

I had zero issues with mounting or removing the M6X from pistol accessory rails or Picatinny rails.  The M6X Pistol's Universal Slide-Lock mount made the light/laser system easy to install and it locked up tight. The Latchbar was simple to swap out for the GLOCK rail to the Picatinny rail versions.  For extra security at the cost of quick mounting and dismounting, the M6X is available with a screw equipped Rail-Grabber mount.

About the M6X Pistol

The M6X Pistol is equipped with a xenon bulb and is rated at 125 lumen. Like most other pistol lights the M6X utilizes two CR123a batteries and it has a 1 hour rated runtime. The M6X utilizes a 4 position selector switch combined with an ambidextrous rocker switch for use. The 4 position selector switch allows the rocker switch to activate the light only, laser only or both. It also has an off position, which I found a particularly useful feature. More on that later.  The M6X weighs 4.4 ounces with batteries and is rated waterproof to 20 meters.

Insight M6X
The relatively anemic 125 lumen xenon bulb of the M6X Pistol makes the thing feel like my old school plastic Surefire G2 light, outdated. Other pistol lights I own are rated at higher output and are equipped with LED emitters. The xenon bulb and relatively dim light led me to quickly install a M3X/M6X LED Bezel Kit to the M6X Pistol.  This retrofit kit installed painlessly and increased the light rating to 150 lumens and the published run time to 2 hours, basically making it a M6X LED Pistol. The addition of the LED bezel on the M6X made a night and day difference to my eyes.

Now that it is upgraded to M6X LED Pistol specs the light is comparable to the other offerings in the market, and the others I have hanging off various pistols. If you have the M3X or the M6X with the xenon bulb I cannot more highly recommended the LED retrofit kit.

 The Light

So after upgrading the light to M6X LED pistol specs I love the thing.  I have run it on a 92FS, a M&P and a GLOCK. It does exactly what is was designed to and does it well.  The rocker switch is easy to activate with the strong hand trigger finger or the weak hand thumb.

The Laser

The laser on the M6X Pistol is a little different story.  I sure do like the idea of lasers, but I have never tried to run one on a fighting gun.  I have seen applications of visible and IR lasers that make perfect sense, just not for my purposes.  I tried to like the laser capability of the M6X, but the offset from the bore, and sights, of the pistol to the laser made it possible to zero the laser to only one distance. 

If I zeroed the laser at a distance of 7 yards, the most touted distance for a typical defensive shooting scenario, then the laser is just about useless at 25 yards as it points about a foot higher than the sights. This means you would need to chose one distance that your laser was zeroed at, and remember to utilize hold over and hold under for any other distances.  Not acceptable in my book. After fiddling with the M6X on at least three handguns I was NOT sold on the concept of the light and laser combnation.

The Application

Then I mounted the M6X Pistol to my rifle.  This is where the little light/laser combo shined.  The offset problems with the laser on a pistol application are barely, if at all, noticeable mounted to a 16” barreled AR-15.  I used the M6X LED Pistol mounted directly to a freefloat rail and also tried it mounted to a Magpul MOE Scout Mount on MOE handguards.  The 4 position selector switch of the M6X allows you to lock out both the light and laser, preventing the accidental activation of either one.  The rocker switch is intuitive and easy to use, and the 4.4 ounces of the M6X LED Pistol doesn't affect the rifle's handling.  The M6X solves every problem I have ever had with a handgun light on a rifle (apart from bulk and weight, but that cannot be helped). Making it an easy recommended option for even a light on a long gun.

Now I just need to find a Picatinny rail for my shotguns.  I think this light will shine in this role.


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