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Kimber sought out to make the perfect micro compact pistol that would be reliable, accurate, durable and fire +p ammunition. They easily achieved one out the four goals it fires +p ammunition.

The kimber solo is a micro compact pistol that fits perfectly into your pocket and can easily pass as a thick wallet (inside a holster). 

Kimber Solo Carry 0021
Firing the extremely reliable and proven 9mm round the tiny pocket pistol can pack a punch. Quality ammunition is a requirement of this pistol, no
cheap ammo need apply. The Solo will only fire rounds like the Remington Golden Saber HPJ, Federal Hydra-Shok JHP and the Hornady TAP JHP and yes these are the rounds recommended specifically by Kimber. Kimber says, “While other ammunition may perform well, lighter bullets and inconsistent pressures that can be found in lower-quality ammunition may lead to decreased slide cycle time and compromise function.” For those of you out there that have a favorite load, run a few hundred rounds through before expecting the pistol to function. Keep in mind that Kimber recommends changing the recoil spring every 1,000 rounds. While scrambling for the extra magazines be ready to SMASH the magazine release as it really takes some umph to drop those mags.

The pistol I tested was the Solo Carry with the Kimpro II finish on the frame and a stainless steel slide. Not sure how to put this lightly, the Kimpro finish is terrible. Seems like every time you bump this frame into something you have a new scratch, or under normal usage the finish just seems to rub off. For a self-lubricating finish this concerns me. The first thing I would recommend on this pistol that has an MSRP of $815, is to have the frame cerakoted.

 Shooting the Solo is a wrist rattling good time, I added some grip tape to the front and rear of the grip to help keep the whipping that occurs while firing a micro pistol with +p ammunition to a minimum. The overall accuracy of this little pistol is surprising. While only boasting a 2.7 Kimber Solo Carry Left Side
inch barrel the shots were consistent and right where I wanted them. But that’s not super surprising since I’m firing high quality ammunition and with today’s costs that’s well over $1.75 a round. Kimber did use a striker fire system on this pistol, that’s great keeping down external moving parts that could get hung-up while drawing. The frame-mounted safety is one of the best on the market for a factory safety. The trigger right out of the box feels like a trained gunsmith has refined it. Just luck? Maybe, but this is one thing I think Kimber got right on this pistol.

The extremely smooth edges and slim lines make this one that is comfortable to carry. Weighing in at 17 ounces (empty, with magazine), 5.5” long and holding 6+1 I really enjoy this pistol. Overall I would not carry this pistol and trust it with my life. But there are a lot of people out there that do, and they trust it daily with theirs. 


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