Enough Gun for a Terrorist Attack

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Do you carry a tiny pocket rocket or a single stack blaster with no reload? Maybe you should rethink this strategy. Rule Number One of gunfighting is still, and always will be, “Have a gun”, but perhaps one should prepare for more than the average. The old rule of 7 is not universal.

After the shootings in Paris someone posted a thought provoking statement on a Facebook group that I am in. This particular group is full of the warrior-types and they do not look kindly to the usual internet-commando nonsense. The statement that provided fodder for this post was about carrying your pocket pistol or 1911 and/or no reload and finding yourself in an active shooter situation like Bataclan or Inland Regional. My daily carry for many years has been a Kahr PM9 with a reload. Until I read this post I thought my little pocket rocket was sufficient.

If you prescribe to the “Rule of 7”, you might prepare for a gunfight that will take place after 7pm, be at about 7 yards, and consist of 7 rounds fired. This is a great rule of thumb, as it generalizes the average civilian gunfight, but perhaps we should prepare for more in today's world.

The Facebook post made me contemplate finding myself the middle of an multiple active-shooter situation, not unlike San Bernardino or Paris. I have come to the conclusion that my little 9mm and a reload would be perfectly sufficient for me to get my family to safety if there were a clear or readily available exit from the area. I also surmise that my daily loadout would probably be enough to ward off attack if I were to barricade myself in a room or closet and wait for someone to rescue me.

If I were to be so terribly unlucky to be caught up in a terrorist attack with multiple aggressors and I did not have my family’s safety to worry about, or if somehow the shooters were in between me and my family, I would feel stupidly undergunned with my formally normal daily CCW. Of course the best equipment in this situation is a plate carrier full of mags and a long gun, but that gets heavy and the cops almost always harass me when I wear that stuff to the mall. The answer is to “plus up” your daily carry to a combat pistol that is easily concealable. I have found that this means my CCW is now a bit less convenient to put on every day, but I feel it is worth it.

My answer is the GLOCK 19 with an Trijicon RMR. The red dot sight has long been proven as superior to iron sights on a long gun, and the red-dot on the handgun has now become the preferred sighing system. The GLOCK 19 is the best compromise in a daily carry, duty ready, fighting handgun. It is just the right size and holds 15+1 rounds with 19 more on demand in my reload. (GLOCK 17 magazine with +2 base). The GLOCK 19 will support the mounting of an RMR like it was made for such an application and the good lights from SureFire and Streamlight mount perfectly on the “Compact” GLOCK. My time spent behind the trigger of the GLOCK 19 has convinced me to agree to with all the experts in gunfighting, that the GLOCK 19 is the perfect compromise in size and shootability.

As an aside, combining my GLOCK with the Raven Concealment VanGuard 2 in the appendix carry position has allowed me to pack a real duty handgun while wearing just about any type of clothing. From casual to dress, I can feel well-armed at any function.

If I find myself thrust into the nightmare of a multiple, well-armed, coordinated active shooter scenario, at least I will have the option of taking the fight to them if I am carrying a more appropriate gun for that mission. I still carry my little pocket rocket some days. It is just stupidly convenient. But most days I find myself adding my GLOCK and another reload to my person.

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