"Your Next Duty/Home Defense Rifle"

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I love bench-building AR-15s. My Google Drive is filled with spreadsheets and lists. I keep an eye out on all the latest emails and sales. The availability of the COLT 6920 OEM at stupid low prices got me thinking about an inexpensive duty-ready rifle.

First the LE6920-OEM2. I cannot fathom how the company that brought us the Z40 and the 2000 is the same company that is shipping out the LE6920MPS, and then they blow my mind with the OEM1 and OEM2. The OEM2 version of the 6920 has all the good stuff from the LE6920, including Mil-Spec barrel steel with the correct 1:7 twist, a Mil-Spec BCG made from the correct steel and properly assembled, a Mil-Spec action and almost all the small bits are the same as the US Army’s M4. What sets the OEM2 apart is a low-profile gas block and the lack of sights, a stock, and a trigger guard. This OEM package ostensibly allows you to put whatever stuff you want on your Colt to personalize it or customize it.

Our friends at Defender Outdoors have the OEM2 at a measly $750 this week. This is a smokin' deal.

If you travel the route of buying the 6920OEM you will need to add a stock, a handguard, a trigger guard, and a set of sights to make it ready for prime time. I sourced all these parts from one of my favorite sources: DSG Arms. They are local and they are awesome.

DSG is showing the Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine Stock for about $25.

DSGArms.com also has the B5 Trigger Guard for around $10.

You can score a set of Magpul MBUS sights for about $70

The awesome VTAC Alpha Rail is light, inexpensive at $140, and uses the Mil-Spec barrel nut on the OEM2. No Gunsmithing required!

This brings the setup to less than $975 plus shipping and tax. That is of course before you add the red dot, light, sling, mags, and ammo.

There you go. Add a ton of D&H magazines and an Aimpoint and you are set!

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