"Deal Alert: Aimpoint T1 at Bravo Company"

Written by Scott Fuller on . Posted in Blog

The awesome Bravo Company USA has an even awesomer deal on the super-duper awesome Aimpoint T-1. That is a lot of awesome! Anyway, they have the T1 for under $500 with no mount.

Check it out HERE!

As you know we are huge, giant fans of Aimpoints, and BCM. So jump on this deal. I think I will order one also.

This particular Aimpoint has no mount at all so you would need something to bolt the sight to your gun.
I like this for my little Zastava PAP Pistol. It is the Midwest Industries Top Cover Mount. It Combines with the MI Yugo M85/M92 Krinkov Handguard:

For my AR-15s the Daniel Defense mount is awesome!:

...but I really want to try the ScalarWorks mount:

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