"They Want to Take Your Guns Away"

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Make no mistake my fellow gun-nuts. They want to take your guns away.

The left and the anti-gun types (but I repeat myself) fall into two groups.

The first group of gun grabbers truly believes that only the government (and its representatives) should have firearms. They are statists. They may not admit it, but they are. They do not mind guns, they are not anti-gun. They have no problem with the gun in the cop’s holster or slung over the soldier's shoulder. They have absolutely no problem with calling on a person with a gun to take your guns away.

We have seen how that can end. We have plenty of historical examples of why the state having all the guns is a pretty perilous idea. The Soviet Union, China and Nazi Germany account for 128,168,000 Democides just by themselves. There is a reason our founding fathers added the second amendment to the constitution, and it has nothing to do with deer hunting. If the state has all the arms there is nothing in place to prevent tyranny.

The second group of gun grabbers are truly daft, they actually believe that the world would be a better place without ANY firearms. These folks always miss that fact that this world has already existed. In our world before the 1630s, firearms of course existed but they were much too cumbersome and slow to be effective self defense tools. The matchlock and gonnes were relegated to military arms that augmented pikemen. Prior to the flintlock becoming popular there were swords, axes, knives, and simple might. This meant that the best fighters were in charge and the strongest had the most power. Women and children were second class citizens at best. This is not the world I want for anyone, much less my children.

Flintlock pistol

Recent news has been filled with the proof that they want to take your guns away. Both Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton have led the cry for “sensible” gun control “like Australia”. For those that missed it, Australia had gun confiscation they called “mandatory buybacks” of 643,000 firearms.

If you can get an anti-gunner to be honest, they will admit to the fact that they want guns to go away entirely, or they simply want private citizens to not be able to own guns. The only way to accomplish either of these with our 310,000,000 firearms in private hands is to confiscate them.

They do want your guns.

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