"Mass Shootings are not a Big Problem in America"

Written by Scott Fuller on . Posted in Blog

Let me first say that if you or your loved ones are affected by a mass shooting then they are a tragedy. I cannot fathom being touched by such a heinous and evil event. My heart goes out to all those who suffer from other’s actions.

That being said, mass shooting are not a big problem in the US. We all die. All of us. Life is 100% fatal. 2,596,993 People died in 2013. Murder does not even make the top ten reasons for deaths at 16,121 that year. Mass shootings account for 502 deaths using numbers from Mother Jones’ definition of mass shooting.

Put that in perspective.

.019% Of deaths in this country are directly the result of mass shootings. Less than .02%.

It sure doesn’t feel like that insignificant a number. Not with the President, Vice-President, and the entire media monster beaming noise and color every stinking time a nut decides to take out his frustration with being a terrible person on the rest of us.

So there it is. The true, real numbers. Look them up for yourself. Share this with folks who think “we need to do something about this!” Maybe it will change their minds. Maybe, just maybe, we can all work together on something that will actually make a difference in our world instead of gun-control.

Gun-control: what you do instead of something.

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