"Firearms Background Checks are a Farce"

Written by Scott Fuller on . Posted in Blog

I was reading along and I realized something. None of the “firearms safety” laws in this country have really affected crime. It is for certain none of the gun-control laws passed in my time have done any good. In fact, I say that the Brady background check laws are useless and only serves as an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.

Let us take a look. (It is going to make me angry.)

According to this report the FBI performed over 6 million background checks and denied a fundamental civil right over 72,000 times. Of those 72,000 instances of a delay on the NICS check only 4,732 were actually people who couldn't have guns. Of those people, 62 were referred for prosecution and 13 were convicted of something. 13.

For 13 stupid idiots, 6 or so million of the rest of us had to jump through hoops to buy a chunk of steel and/or plastic. Because heaven forbid one of those guns fall into the "wrong hands".

I am so sick and tired of this stupid nonsense that I have to put up with. I've lived through pin and welded brakes, 10 round magazines and the freaking Monster Man grip. All because part of our society that has no capacity for thought thinks a firearm has the capacity for evil. Idiots.

And now these clueless morons, who know exactly zero about anything gun-related unless it was on their freaking television, want every gun transfer to be done with an FBI NICs check. They like to call this universal background check laws.

What good does doing a background check do if the check denies the fundamental civil right to keep and bear arms 16 times more often than it keeps a gun out of "the wrong hands"? What good does it do if we don't even bother to enforce the stupid law when it comes to the 4473 and guns? If 99.98% of those denied in these checks are ultimately OK to have a gun why are we even checking? Does that .02% of these attempted purchasers comprise all of the "gun crime" in our society? Of course not.

How much of the precious tax payer's money, time and manpower must we continue waste on stupid laws and stupider ideas? If what we are currently doing does not work, why would it work because we do with every firearm transfer?

Do states that already have universal background check laws have a lower crime rate? Of course they don't!

So tell those Everytown buffoons and the Bloomberg idiots that no, not only do we not want universal background checks, we don't want background checks. Period. Because they simply do not work.

Hat tip to:Gunwatch

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