"The Source of The Problem: Crime Guns"

Written by Scott Fuller on . Posted in Blog

A "study" has found that Chicago area criminals do not get their guns legally. We all knew this stuff already. Criminals do not prowl gun-shows looking for loop-holes. Nor do criminals join FaceBook gun trader groups looking to get their next heater. The gun-grabbers simpletons keep focusing on things that have little to no relevance to criminal activity.

Criminals get guns "on the street" from other criminals. Sure some do get people with no record and a FOID to buy them guns, but the majority of criminals do not even bother with obtaining a gun through the normal retail channels. That is right, criminals do not frequent gun stores or ranges to get "crime guns".

But we know this already.

Criminals do not attempt to buy guns legally, they do not attempt to pass the NICS background check and they do not buy firearms at gun shows. So how the bloody hell would universal background checks stop criminals from getting guns?

Criminals buy guns from trusted people in their circle. Why trusted? So they do not get ripped off or buy a gun from a cop. Criminals are generally bad people and like most people they think everyone is as bad as they are. They have trust issues.

So next time you hear "gun show loophole" or "straw purchase" or "internet guns", remember they are lying or stupid. Either way they are wrong.

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