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fire prepping

I am a pragmatist. You can tell by my take on Prepping. I advocate prepping in case of power outages, ammo shortages, and other disasters. These disasters we can all get a grasp on, and most folks that prep, prep for these situations. According to the American Red Cross “The biggest disaster threats to American families aren’t floods, hurricanes or tornadoes – home fires are.” You need to ask yourself if you are preparing your family for the most likely scenario, or are you prepping for something esoteric like the zombie apocalypse or nuclear war?

Fire. Specifically a house fire. Almost half a million residential fires occur in the US annually. Residential fires cause thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries. Almost $10 billion dollars in losses annually from the result of house fires. Is your family “prepped”? Do you even own fire extinguishers?

60 Seconds. That is how long it can take a fire to reach out of control proportions NIST Flashover Vids. You should plan for a 60 second bugout because that is the worst case scenario and of course we do not plan for the best case scenario. Can you bugout in 60 seconds? Do you have a plan to get your kids out? If you do have a fire and you have to escape your place in 60 seconds are you going to be in your yard in your PJs and nothing else, watching everything burn?

Let’s talk about prevention and warning. You do not need to react to a fire that never happens or if you can catch it in time to put it out.

Keep stuff that burns away from space heaters and stuff that has flames.
Don’t smoke. Certainly don’t smoke in bed.
Keep your kids fireproof or keep matches lighter and such away from them.
Never leave portable heaters unattended. (This includes sleeping.)

Smoke alarms. Smoke alarms everywhere! Every bedroom, every hallway and every level.
Teach your family what to do when Smoke alarm sounds.
Test the stupid smoke alarms. (I do this by cooking.)
Replace smoke alarms every 10 years

Don’t leave food cooking unattended on the stove
Don't put flammable stuff on the stove
Keep pets and small kids away from the stove

fire escape plan

If you are a prepper you need to take Fire Prevention and Safety very seriously. Your family needs to know the plan and you need to practice it. Just like anything you need to drill. It does you little good to get out of the house with your BOB, your flashdrive and your gun if your kid is hiding in the closet.

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