"Why The Place Where Great Britain Used to Be Sucks"

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It always seems as though the gun-grabbers and other useful idiots want to tout the UK as some sort of gun-free utopia where the lack of civilian owned firearms have lead to peace and prosperity for all Britons.
Surprise, it is not. The UK basically banned all private ownership of handguns in 1997 and in the subsequent years, 1997-2011 the number of firearms crimes did not fall, they actually increased. After banning firearms the homicide rate in the UK also increased until 2002 after which they declined, but still stayed higher than prior to 1997.

The main issue that people seem to argue about on the interwebs is the problem that the UK and US governments call different things “violent crime”, and the US and UK have very different crime reporting standards. But we are not stupid here, we can figure out a few things from the data.

The UN says that the UK has one of the highest per-capita crime rates in the world; 4th highest in the world!

The US ranks 111th with our murder rate.

If one takes into account the differences in crime definitions and reporting, the UK rate in about twice that of the US. 776 incidents per year versus 403.

Don’t forget that the UK is notorious for under-reporting crime:
From Wikipedia : “No criming is the practice of writing off reported crimes as not constituting a crime – marking as "no crime". This is applied inconsistently across crimes and regions, frequently incorrectly,and at times fraudulently, for the purpose of improving statistics to secure promotion.In the aggregate, in the period November 2012 – October 2013, an average of 19% of crimes reported to the police are not recorded, with one quarter of sexual crimes and one third of violent crimes not being recorded, with rape being particularly bad at 37% no-criming”

Feel free to tell gun grabbers to go stuff it when they bring up Once Great Britain as a model of gun-control utopia. Tell them if they like it so much they should move there, instead of making the US more like them.

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