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Lights. This time we are talking about flashlights. Everybody needs a flashlight or three or six. I carry a solid light everyday and I must confess that I now find having a light at hand as handy as my knife. Maybe even more so. Even if you don't EDC a light, you need one for your nightstand and in your glove box or trunk for when the power goes out. Here at TGSP we swear by SureFire and heartily recommend Streamlight. Picking any flavor of either of these brands of lights that strikes your fancy is an easy recommendation.

But lets say you don't want to shell out $200 on a SureFire and you need more than 260 lumens the $50 spent on a Streamlight gets you, or maybe you are not into Ten-Tap switchology, then what kind of light do you buy? There is a myriad of quality, relatively inexpensive, Chinese-made lights from brands we have never heard of, but over at candlepowerforums they sing the praises of Sunwayman, Zebralight, Thrunite, Olight and Foursevens. I have attempted to scour the candlepower forums for information on what is the best light to buy, but there is just a ton of information and there is only so much a person can absorb. Then I discovered the awesome flashlight reviews of a dude called Selfbuilt! This dude is to flashlights what I am to guns. Just nuts.

So this awesome resource named Selfbuilt has a website, and this website has a recommendation section which makes picking an EDC or a tertiary flashlight stupid easy. Go check it out.
Selfbuilt’s Flashlight Recommendations

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