"Vox is Wrong About Gun Control"

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I saw this hit piece at Vox.com by German Lopez.
I am tired of this nonsense. Fellow blogger Kip entreated me to fisk this particular idiocy. So I took him up on his challenge. The stuff in italics are quotes from the Vox article or my synopsis of Mr. Lopez's talking point. My response follows.

1.“...America far and away leads other developed countries when it comes to gun-related homicides. ...The US is an outlier on gun violence because it has way more guns than other developed nations.” America ranks 14th in the world in the world with a murder rate of 12,996 per capita. Behind Brazil, India, Mexico, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, Columbia, Russia, Pakistan, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, China and Venezuela.

2.US has half of the Civilian Owned guns in the world. I am assuming this little factoid leaves out all the state owned or operated and illegally possessed guns around the world, but assuming that fact is indeed true, if we have all the guns, and guns = crime, shouldn't we have the highest crime rate in the world?

3. Mass shooting are an Epidemic. “You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means” First, some idiot going off his meds shooting his wife and her 4 kids or a gang banger shooting up a party is not a “Mass Shooting” so Vox's numbers are just bad. Second Mother Jones claims 62 mass shootings since 1982. 62. 62 Shootings in 33 years is not even enough of a problem for us to dialog about yet. I am almost certain that in the time it took me to write this article, 62 people have been shot in Chicago. Let’s tackle this mass shooting problem after we fix some the real issues, shall we?

4. A mass shooting almost every day. Once again you really have to stretch the definition of “Mass Shooting” ….and I guess the definition of “every day”

5. More guns = more gun deaths. Ummm. no.

6. More guns = more gun deaths. Yeah, I seriously covered that already.

7. States with more gun laws had fewer gun deaths. Per-capita the highest “state” when it comes to murders with firearms is DC. DC has almost double the murders per capita of Louisiana, second on that list. So we need to ignore that pesky outlier DC as well as NJ and CA. It seems that maybe crime is most prevalent in densely populated urban areas. So gun-hating locales like New York, Chicago, LA and Baltimore as well as free cities like Houston and New Orleans are the areas of the most murders and "gun-crimes".

8. Homicides are declining. Yes. Crime is declining. Seriously German, are we all looking at the same statistics here? Gun sales have risen increasingly since the 2004 and murders and all other crime have decreased since 1993. I am not saying this means more guns = less crime, but clearly more guns does not equal more crime. Again. Clearly.

9. America's biggest gun problem is suicide. Wait. we were just talking about violence. Not Suicide. What the frack is this article about? Do we really need to have a conversation about suicide that involves guns, or maybe poisons or perhaps ropes?

10. More guns = more suicides. The US ranks 50th in suicide rate. If we have all of the guns, why are we 50th? Your little logic train derails here sir.

11. Guns allow people to kill themselves much more easily. Well, yes. A gun is quite a good killing tool. Not as good as a car or a can of gas and a match, but a gun still works quite well.

12. Australia has seen a significant drop in the number of suicides after it made handguns basically illegal and heavily restricted most long guns. German claims his chart shows causality. Japan and South Korea have seriously strict gun laws and stupid high suicide rates. Among Western countries, Hungary, Poland, France, Belgium, and Austria all have higher suicide rates than the United States. They all also have more, tighter gun laws.

13. Police shoot people. What in the name of all that is holy does the police, who are agents of the government, shooting people have to do with firearms? I think this chart is just a way to join the idiots in the hands-up marches.

14. In states with more guns, more police are killed? This is almost, sort-of true. If you completely ignore Puerto Rico with its until-recently draconian gun laws, and while you are at it throw out Pennsylvania. PA has had universal background checks for handguns for years and they are in the top 10 states with murdered cops per capita. So that doesn't work.

15. Support for gun ownership has sharply increased since the early '90s Yes. Guns are more popular than ever before. Also, gun control policies enacted in the 30’s, 60’s and again in the 90’s just did not work. People are really not stupid enough to not notice this. Places like DC, Boston, New York, LA and Chicago are still to this day rife with “gun crime” despite being perfect Petri dishes for gun control advocates since the 60s and 70s.

16. High-profile shootings don't appear to lead to more support for gun control Duh! Not a single mass shooting can be proven to have been stopped with gun control. Not a one. I can prove that mass shootings have been stopped by a person with a gun.

17. Specific gun control policies are fairly popular. First, this should read specific gun control policies have polled well. Polling does not equal popularity. Also, 60% of a polled population is not “popular”. 60% is the definition of divisive. In the end this is just junk survey data. The country is not 85% in favor of universal background checks. Nor is 64% of the people calling for more armed guards in schools. The NRA has it's own surveys that directly refute the Pew and Bloomberg surveys. Surveys are not what drives Americans to limit fundamental civil rights. Nor should they. Ever.

The conclusion must be that German Lopez and Vox are just reading off the gun-control agenda talking points, covering the topic with sweet looking infographics that will certainly lend itself to Facebook postings by the Bloomberg-types. This is not an “honest dialog”, this is not a “conversation” this is bullshit. Good job Mr. Lopez, you may now continue your narrative.

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