"Treat Guns like Cars"

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I hear it all the freaking time. It is a talking point from the small-minded. I even saw it in my book of face feed today. “Cars are licensed and regulated!” they claim, “Why do we not treat guns the same?”

Setting aside the fact that cars kill way more people than guns, and the fact that we have that Second Ammendment thing, let us explore this a bit.

If you are ignorant, you might just believe that in the US, automobiles are completely regulated and tightly controlled by the government. This is mostly true from a new manufacturing standpoint, and it is a fact that the Federal government and the state entities have control over what car you can drive on their roads and who can drive them.

It is also true that as far as I can tell, there is no Federal entity that regulates any automobile that is not driven on the public road. A quick perusal of the interwebs reveals that most states have a little regulation of off-road specific vehicles that are operated on public parks, trails and other public spaces.

I am all for this idea of treating guns exactly like cars.

I have absolutely no issue with registering and licensing every gun that I want to operate carry in a public space. I have no issue with the DOT BATFE regulating any new gun made. They could even assign it a serial number and record the make, model and size. (Oh wait. They already do that.)

Of course this idea also means if I am drivingoperating my gun solely on private property I don't have to register it or get a license for it. This would mean that I need not conform to any DOTBATFE standards or regulation for my race cargun that I only trailercarry in a case to the racetrackrange

This also means that there is no background checks for any gun that I don't want to “register” for carry or operation in a public space. It means if I want to build a 600 horsepower600 rounds per minute drag carmachine gun in my garage no one can say boo about it, unless I try to drivecarry it on the street.

Where do I sign?

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