"Proving A Negative"

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You cannot prove a negative.
I know deep down in my soul, without a shadow of a doubt, that lawful gun ownership has nothing to do with gun crime. You probably agree.

More guns equal less crime. We know this. We are unfortunately faced with the fact you cannot prove correlation or causation, no matter what statistics you or I or the NRA throw around. You just cannot prove a negative.

We can prove that more guns do not equal less crime. Easily. Click here for my post about steadily decreasing crime rates since 1993. now check this out:
2015 atf sales chart

That is an ATF chart showing an exponential climb in firearms production since 2004. We just do not see a corresponding increase in the crime rate. At all.

If guns did contribute to crime we would all be faced with exponentially rising crime rates everywhere except in New York and similarly terrible parts of California. But crime doesn't rise.

If concealed carry laws and people carrying guns legally impacted the crime rate negatively we would have seen a steady increase in almost all states since 1987. Since then every single state has enacted some sort of open or concealed carry provision. No crime rates have climbed.

If silencers, SBSs and SBRs were things only criminals and gangsters used the exponential higher and higher number of NFA weapons processed by the ATF would clearly show up in that FBI UCR thing. But crime just keeps decreasing.

So while I cannot prove that more guns equals less crime, the numbers clearly show that more guns DOES NOT equal more crime.

What does this mean? This means that gun control is not about crime. It means gun control is not about safety. It means gun control is about something else.

Gun control is about control, but we know that already.

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