"The Truth About Crime"

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Crime in these United States is down. Down and falling. Crime has been steadily falling since 1993 or so.

Do not take my word for it:
FBI UCR stuff

We are inundated with devastating crime, tragedy and outrage from our chosen news source. The local affiliate, the big network and the giant cable news channel all live and die by ratings, and they all hype it up and report the “sexy” stuff to keep your eyeballs on the TV. The online news outlets have followed suit. If the news was our only source of information one might think that the streets of the average American berg were rifle with stabbings, shooting and rapes.

Both sides of our favorite issue, guns, are guilty of hyping up gun crime and violent crime overall. They of course each have an agenda. The industry wants you to be scared enough to buy a gun and the gun grabbers want you to be scared of guns and support banning them. You know what we think.

A thinking gun owner needs to embrace the other sources of info available now. Google that...er….stuff. Don’t believe anyone, even a trusted source might have an agenda. Even (gasp) me.

Fact: The FBI UCR has shown a steadily decreasing overall crime rate since the 90’s. There has been an overall decrease in firearms crimes at the same time. We are all safer and we are all less susceptible to crime than ever.

We like to think we are seekers and sharers of the truth here at The Gun Show Podcast. We want you to be armed with knowledge and truth. While it may feel as if our society is more violent and crime is more rampant than ever, know that it is not.

This doesn’t mean you should play the odds on your safety. Do all the things that a responsible adult would do. Lock your stuff up, don't associate with criminals and carry a gun.

Another great source:
Pew Research Center

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