"Cheap Mag Deal Alert"

Written by Scott Fuller on . Posted in Blog

Stock up. Hoard. Build yourself a magazine fort in the gun room!


None of us knows what the future might bring, but we can all try to learn from the past. A lesson we all should know by now is to have enough of the stuff that we might need, ammo and "standard capacity" magazines, in case of a shortage. Some of us learned this lesson very painfully after the 2008 election or the Sandy Hook shooting.

Prices right now are such that we should all have a year or maybe two worth of the ammunition that we shoot on hand. Except maybe for 22 Long rifle. Magazines too. I remember $75 M&P 9mm mags, so you better believe I've got enough of them now.

If you read my article on magazines you know that D&H mags are good to go for serious use in your AR-15 or other "Stanag" platform rifle. Now is the perfect time to stock up on a case or two of these aluminum magazines. This price is as low as it can get for a good ammunition feeding device.

Buy now. Thank me during the next panic buy shortage.

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