"Gun Sins"

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I guess it is confession time. I, Scott Fuller, owned a Sigma. Yes, it is sad. I bought into the gun rag’s full spread layouts of the new wundernine from American made S&W. The ergonomics were 2000% better and the reliability was GLOCK-like. Just ask Guns and Ammo…

Everyone Is Doing It! It turns out the Sigma SW40C was a bit of a mistake to purchase, it lost at least two front sights before I sold it. I won't even mention the terrible Sigma trigger. Ok I will. It was terrible. The thing is that the Sigma was much cheaper than the GLOCK, it had the brand name and it had the full court press by the firearms media. I will say that my 40C went bang each and every time.

My other first handgun was another firearms confession. I sinned by buying a Llama 1911-like pistol. (probably a Max) I had even asked the vendor at the gun show booth if this pistol was indeed a 1911. It was not. I did not know any better. It was cheap. I bought it. The problem with that particular pistol turned out not to be super soft slide steel. The slide deformed where the barrel bushing rode in the bushing slot. Rendering the gun impossible to disassemble. I had it repaired under warranty once and then I traded it for a Norinco (real) 1911.

To redeem myself, I still own my first two long guns. A Norinco SKS and a Mossberg Maverick 88 Security. These have simply turned out to be fabulous values in firearms. My long gun choices proved to be as good as my handgun choices were bad. Take note.

My only sin in this century has been my Kel-Tec P11. It must possess the worst trigger ever installed in a firearm. The little blaster runs reliably and holds 12+1 in a pocket-sized gun. But that darn trigger makes it very, very hard to shoot well. If you are looking for a pocket rocket the Kahr CM9 would be a much better choice for a just few dollars more.

Please learn from my mistakes. Do not fall prey to the hype or the call of a “value firearm”. Choose wisely and you can get 20+ years use from your guns.

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