"Colt LE6920 Bargains"

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The Colt OEM versions of the LE6920 were announced a while back, but I thought I would give you a heads up as you can actually buy one right now. For those of us that customize our furniture anyway, the Colt OEM1 and OEM2 are a fantastic way to save a few bucks building an AR-15 that is duty ready.

As I said in my AR-15 buyers guide, the Colt 6920 is the standard by which you should judge a civilian M4.

The OEM1 version of the Colt 6920 ships without a stock, forend or trigger guard. It still has all the good stuff like a Mil-Spec barrel, bolt and internals. Budsgunshop.com has the OEM1 for $737. A smoking deal.

If you don't mind the goofy camo pattern, or maybe if you even like it, the Colt 6920 AR15 Carbine is also being sold with Magpul MOE furniture painted or colored with Moon Shine Wildfire Camouflage. Moon Shine is the same company that brought us Muddy Girl. The kicker is the price. $840. That leaves room for several rattle-cans of FDE or OD or whatever floats your boat.
Colt OEM shot

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