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Mindset can get you out of trouble. Mindset can be the only variable that allows you to survive a situation. Best of all mindset can help you avoid trouble altogether.

One of our awesome listeners wrote us to in response to our talk about arming EMT and Firefighters. He made several valid points but his closing paragraph was the most interesting and poignant. He espoused that his verbal skills and situational awareness were the best weapons at his disposal. He was right of course.

Sometimes we get way too caught up in what holster to buy and what gun to carry and what type of blade for our EDC. We forget that the most important tool in the toolbox is our mind, more specifically our mindset.

Attitude, mindset, will. Whatever you want to call it, it could be the most determining factor in a self defense scenario. The easiest way to survive a confrontation is to completely avoid it. Your chances of being carjacked go to near zero if you lock your doors, pay attention to the traffic around you and you notice any and all pedestrians around a stoplight or stop sign. If you always drive defensively and leave yourself and escape route you will never be boxed into other traffic. Studies show that if you act like a victim you are more likely to be targeted. If you keep your head up, make eye contact and pay attention, basically act like a predator instead of prey, any trouble that notices you will likely move on to an easier, less aware target.

The internet, Reader’s Digest and our history books are filled with people that survived wilderness, starvations and impossible situations because of their simple will to live or prevail. This is the other part of mindset. The will to win when you do get into trouble.

Yes, even if your head is on the proverbial swivel and you have the finely tuned vigilance of the frostiest operator, you can be blindsided by trouble. People on drugs and nutcases sometimes forget to not pick on the guy paying attention. When violence does come your way your mindset can mean the difference between life and death. Your life and your death.

Mindset is the will to fight. When violence is initiated you do not respond on a sliding scale, you are not a cop. You respond with the highest level of violence to end the fight the soonest. Once you are attacked you must respond with violence, escape immediately, or both. Life is not the movies. If you know anything about fighting you know fighting does not work like in the movies. You need to disable your attacker or move to safety. None of this fair fight garbage. They pick a fight with you and your mindset must be to end the fight, and end it right now.

Mindset means to have the the will to win. Period. Mindset means you must be prepared to fight through being shot, stabbed, punched, blinded with pepper spray, bones broken, disarmed, and whatever else that jerk Murphy throws at you. When violence is visited upon you your job is to push through and prevail. Bad guys do not play by your or my rules, and you cannot allow them to decide what the rules are. If you are rendered immobile by psychological effect or trauma your attacker can now easily kill you, or they could move on. Do not let them decide your fate, or the fate of anyone you may be protecting. You decide that you will live and win now, and you carry that will with you.

We cannot all remain 100% vigilant, or in condition yellow, all the time. It is exhausting and impossible. Every one of us can and should decide right now that we will remain as vigilant to threats as possible. Then we can avoid those threats. Likewise we can all decide right now that we will win any fight brought upon us. Decide now, that if it all goes wrong, I will live.

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