"Bias in the Media?"

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10 Killed and 53 shot in Chicago last weekend. Including a 7 year old child.

Happy Birthday America.

Crickets from my Facebook feed and "the media".

Why is it only headline news when people are all shot in a church, school or mall at the same time?
What is the difference between 10 lives spread out in a city and 10 lives in a single room or the same building?
What kind of society have we created?

The 10 killed in Chi-town on Independence Day weekend were minorities. Predominantly black. Their killers were minorities. Predominantly black. They were almost certainly all shot with handguns. What am I missing here? You would think that Chicago is the perfect storm for media coverage of gun and/or racial tragedy in America. But absolutely nothing is heard.

The whole dichotomy of the press and social media coverage of these catastrophes is almost perfectly reflected in the gun-control machine's demands for us to give up our firearms. Allow me to spell it out.

In 2012 there were 12,765 homicides. 8,855 By firearm. 6,371 With a handgun. So what do the Bloomberg-types vilify and want to ban? Scary looking rifles and large capacity "ammunition magazines". You can guarantee that when some nutbag goes on a rampage with a shotgun or a handgun that before the blood is dry some jerk on the TV will be calling for another ban on pistol grips or flash-hiders.

Their side always calls for "a discussion" or "dialog". They don't mean that at all. They want to make it illegal for you to own something that they deem too scary. If the anti-gun-rights crowd was honest, they would tell you that they want to ban handguns first, then every other firearm. Please do not be fooled into thinking that these anti-civil-rights types will stop with Universal Background Checks or micro-stamping or smart guns. They will not be happy until everyone in the US that is murdered by a firearm was murdered by an illegal gun. They don't mind if you are killed, just along as you are stabbed, choked or beat to death. Or perhaps it would be permissible if you are shot with gun recently stolen from a Federal Agent. They want you at the mercy of some guy or gal who works for the government. They want the only guns to be in the hands of criminals and agents of the state.

They do not want to fight "gun-crime". They don't even care about it. Never forget that.


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