"Thoughts on Gun Control"

Written by Scott Fuller on . Posted in Blog

Gun control just does not hold up to scrutiny, intellectual or emotional. Any advocate for gun control must dismiss history and human behavior to come to the conclusion that private ownership of firearms is bad for society.

I believe in the truth that, as a general rule, normal well-adjusted people do not shoot other folks. Or themselves.

Just as crime is not a scary beast that stalks the streets of our cities looking for innocent victims. Crime is a person doing bad things to another. Putting a gun, or a knife, or a RPG, or a potato in someones reach will not make them a criminal. Guns do not make innocent folks suddenly turn to bloodlust. 

The truth is that people that commit crimes universally have...issues, issues due to childhood trauma. If we are completely honest, almost 100% of crime is due to childhood trauma. Don't believe me, Google it.

If you want to reduce gun crime, you must address the root cause of crime. Addressing the presence of a firearm is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

But...this all is too hard for us, and this issue cannot be explained in a quick sound bite on the nightly news, or a meme on the Book of Face. It appears we are all doomed to do nothing effective about anything, and instead have been sentenced to a lifetime of screaming toward each other over Flags and Guns and Transgenders.

Please! Help fight childhood trauma. Task your politicians with this! Write editorials to your paper. Blog, Vlog and podcast this message. Maybe, just maybe, we can do some good for society. Something that matters. It is for the children. 

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