"SureFire AAA and More at SHOT 2015"

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SureFire is never one to rest on their laurels and this year was no exception. Surefire went full AAA at SHOT and flashlight and gun nerds everywhere are taking notice.

The SureFire Titan-A is a tiny keychain light with 125 or 15 lumens, a twisty interface, 1 ounce of weight and an included AAA Eneloop NiMH battery.

  • Surefire Titan AAA black
  • Surefire Titan AAA

The SureFire XC1 a compact aluminum handgun light with 200 lumens, a familiar weaponslight interface, 4 ounces of weight and an included AAA lithium battery. This light is intended for a concealed carry gun and fits like it was made for a GLOCK 19.

  • XC1 6
  • XC1 7
  • XC1 8
  • XC1 3
  • XC1 2
  • XC1 4
  • XC1 5
  • XC1

The SureFire P2X Fury with IntelliBeam is a handheld light that looks like the ordinary Fury, but it has "IntelliBeam Technology" which automatically adjusts output based on ambient light conditions as well as the amount of light reflected back at the reflector. With 5 to 600 lumens (or 600), a clicky interface, 5.8 ounces of weight and the CR123 batteries, this flashlight represents a leap forward in adjustable flashlight output technology.

  • UM2 Ultra emitter
  • UM2 Ultra sensor
  • UM2 Ultra

The SureFire UM2 Ultra is another light that looks like its lessor predecessor in this case the U2, but now featuring 600 lumens focused by the newly designed 28mm TIR lens. The UM2 retains the combat light grip features and the unique twist ring interface of the U2, 8 ounces of weight and CR123 batteries.

  • um2 stand

We cannot wait to get our hands on these lights.

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