"California on Guns: You Are Doing it Wrong"

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Proposition 47 just passed in Sacramento California. So if you steal a gun in most cases it is nothing more than a citable misdemeanor. Here, please show up to court on this date…

"Potentially releases 10,000 felons from state prison. Reduces penalties for stealing guns. Reduces penalties for possession of "date rape" drugs. Opposed by prosecutors, law enforcement, and the business community. Opposed by crime victims and sexual abuse victims. Vote NO on Proposition 47."

“Changes low-level nonviolent crimes, such as simple drug possession and petty theft from felonies to misdemeanors. Authorizes felonies for registered sex offenders and anyone previously convicted of rape, murder or child molestation. Saves hundreds of millions of dollars every year and funds schools, crime victims, mental health and drug treatment.”

From: http://www.voterguide.sos.ca.gov/en/propositions/47/

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Released:

PRESS RELEASE: THE PASSAGE OF PROPOSITION 47 - from Sacramento Sherif's Facebook Page

Effective immediately, the passage of Proposition 47 will have the following effects on the custody and policing practices of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department:

1. In most instances, many crimes that were previously “arrestable” as a felony will now only be “citable” as a misdemeanor. That means they may not be booked into jail but rather given a citation (similar to a traffic ticket) with a court date to appear, and released in the field. They will not be held pending trial. Such felony crimes that are now misdemeanors include:
• Commercial burglary (theft under $950)
• Forgery and bad checks (under $950 value)
• Theft of most firearms
• Theft of a vehicle (under $950 value)
• Possession of stolen property (under $950 value)
• Possession of heroin, cocaine, illegal prescriptions, concentrated cannabis, and methamphetamine

2. Inmates awaiting trial on any of the above felony charges in most instances will be able to have their charges immediately reduced to the new misdemeanor level, and will be let out of jail on a citation. A determination as to each person’s eligibility is somewhat time consuming, but could result in up to 420 releases.

3. Inmates who are sentenced on the above felonies can petition the court for reduction of their felony convictions to misdemeanors and many of them would be also be eligible for immediate release.

4. Convicted felons with the above felonies in their history can petition the court to have their prior felony convictions reduced to misdemeanors. If successful, many of the prohibitions they faced would then be reinstated, such as the right to vote, the right to purchase a handgun, the ability to apply as a peace officer, etc.


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